Monday, 1 October 2012


1) Ongina (born 1982) 
Filipino American drag queen and spokesperson for MAC Cosmetics

If you didn’t get enough of Ongina, who announced to the world he’d been living with HIV for the past two years on RuPaul’s Drag Race (and especially after he left the show way too early!), then we have a treat for you. The drag goddess sat down with HIV Plus for a no-holds-barred interview and exclusive photo shoot by celeb photographer Bradford Rogne for our May/June issue.

You won’t want to miss it when it hits a clinic, doctor’s office, or other health care facility near you the first week in mid April. But there’s a bonus! Our exclusive video interview and behind-the-scenes footage of the photo shoot for the magazine will show you a whole new (even more gorgeous) side of Ongina.

2) Larry Kert (1930–1991) 
American Broadway performer; played in West Side Story and Company.

3) Willi Ninja (1961–2006) 
American dancer and choreographer; best known for his appearance in the documentary film Paris Is Burning. Ninja died of AIDS-related heart failure in New York City on September 2, 2006, aged 45.

4) Leigh Bowery (1961–1994) 
Australian performance artist, fashion designer, dancer and model.

Leigh Bowery (26 March 1961 – 31 December 1994) was an Australian performance artist, club promoter, actor, pop star, model and fashion designer, based in London. Although Bowery always described himself as gay he married his longtime friend Nicola Bateman on 13 May 1994, in Tower Hamlets, London, 7 months before his death from AIDS-related illness at the (now closed and redeveloped) Middlesex Hospital, Westminster, London on New Year's Eve 1994, after a five-week battle that only a handful of friends were informed about.

Reportedly one death bed pronouncement "Tell them I've gone pig farming in Bolivia", illustrates the gallows humour and dark irony that can be traced in much of his work. Among his last requests was that his middle name be unknown.

5) Patrick Kelly (1954–1990) 
American fashion designer

6) Nicholas Schaffner (1953–1991) 
American author, wrote books about Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

7) Halston (1932–1990) 
American fashion designer.
Roy Halston Frowick got his start as a hat maker in Chicago back in the ’50s — that’s also when he decided to start going by his middle name, professionally. Most people would agree that owned ’70s fashion; thanks to a licensing deal with JC Penney, his designs were worn by everyone from Studio 54 regulars like Bianca Jagger and his dear friend Liza Minelli to everyday housewives in his home state of Iowa.

8) Job Komol (born 1981)
Cameroonian soccerplayer at Vitesse. Job Ngolobove Kouoh Jean-Black Komol, (born 1 December 1981) is a Cameroonian football defender.

Komol was spotted at a youth tournament in France with the Cameroonian youthsquad by Jan Streuer who brought him alongside Émile Mbamba and Soné Masué Kallé in the Vitesse youth-academy in the Netherlands in 1997. Komol was doing well in the youth and in the second team and he was training with the first team. On November 15 in 2000 Vitesse chairman Jos Vaessen announced that Komol tested possitive for Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) .

Komol was the first player in Dutch football with HIV and this caused a shock. Clubs started testing their players and question arose if the disease could be transmitted during the game. Meanwhile Komols playing license was suspended by the KNVB. Research showed that the risk of transmission during the game was less than 0.1% in Komols case.

He was allowed to play again but the treatment of his disease prevented him to break in the Vitesse team again. His disease got Komol a permanent residency in The Netherlands. In 2005 he had an unsuccessful trial at Go Ahead Eagles and he played in the 2007/08 season at De Bataven in the Hoofdklasse. In 2008 he started playing at lower amateurside SMC and since 2010 he plays at vv Erica'76.

9) Mike Beuttler (1940–1988) 
British Formula One driver.

Beuttler retired from racing the following year and eventually moved to the United States, where he died of complications resulting from AIDS in 1988, in Los Angeles, aged 48.

10) Kevin Peter Hall (1955–1991) 
American actor, played in Predator and Harry and the Hendersons.

Hall met actress Alaina Reed while taping a guest spot on the television show 227. The couple would marry both on the show and in real life.

While working on the series Harry and the Hendersons, Hall announced that he had contracted HIV from a contaminated blood transfusion. On April 10, 1991, Hall died from pneumonia. He was 35 years old.



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