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1) A Sad Tale of HIV in Singapore - Zack 24

I got myself tested during National Service. I was a soldier in the Singapore Armed Forces, an officer, and I was in a relationship with someone who was HIV-positive also. I had an inkling about my status, so I just took up the courage to get tested four months before I ORDed, so that’s how I got the news.

Then I went into hospital for one week for a certain infection. And that was when my mum found out: when she went through my stuff and she saw the hospitalisation bills. For the next one-year period I just had a really antagonistic relationship with my mother, so I kind of moved out.

I went on a downward spiral. When they’re diagnosed with HIV, people either get really depressed and become reclusives in life, or they get really angry.

I became addicted to drugs, and I had even more sex than ever before. I went to saunas; I just became the village bicycle. It went pretty bad. I actually lost a lot of weight due to my addiction and my failing health. I kept getting sick all the time. I kept having fevers, flus, and sometimes when I overdid what I did last time I went into septic shock. There were three occasions where I went into septic shock directly after having sex – my temperature just went up and I started shivering like crazy. My buddies thought I was going to die.

I was actually afraid to start medication and break the news to my dad (my parents are separated). So I caught a waterborne illness called cryptostoridiosis, the kind that kills people with weakened immune systems. I think I caught it from one of the bathhouses in Singapore: it was the dirtiest, the filthiest place before renovation. And I was still under the influence of drugs, so I didn’t care; I was going around having sex everywhere there in very unhygienic conditions. Even my [HIV+] friends were like, “You caught crypto in Singapore?”

I got a very severe inflammation in my colon and I was in hospital for two months. And that’s when my entire family got to know – the entire clan, actually: aunts, uncles, nephews and my dad.

I was infected with HPV, so I have to go to the DSC clinic every week for treatment. I’ve been doing it for the past two years, because my warts are huge. The doctor burns them off. It’s really painful. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, it would be a 7 for me. Thanks to the medication, they’ve recently disappeared, so I’m actually quite happy.

I also had a herpes infection. I had 50 or more tiny ulcers in my mouth. That was the most horrible part. Even drinking water was torture. I’ve cried only about once or twice over my HIV, but because of these ulcers, I cried every time I had to drink.

I’ve set up the (social media) account to tell other HIV+ boys in Singapore that they are not alone in this trouble, so I’m just here to give them a guiding hand. If you know more about the disease you won’t be so afraid, and most young Singaporeans don’t know much about HIV. So I’m the smarty pants who’s actually giving them advice on how to live a life with it.

Lastly, I’m using the platform not to seek pity but to get understanding from people, so they won’t perpetuate the stereotypes and myths about the disease. All of us are human beings. You shouldn’t treat us like lepers.

Zack, how are you paying for your treatment? DISINI

2) Lelaki dipenjara kerana adakan hubungan seks berisiko. 

SINGAPURA: Seorang lelaki penghidap HIV yang mengadakan seks oral dan anal dengan seorang lelaki berusia 37 tahun tanpa memberitahu status penyakitnya, dipenjara 18 bulan, semalam.

Lelaki, 48, yang sudah berkahwin mengaku melakukan aktiviti seks bersama mangsa di rumahnya pada Mei, 2009, tanpa memberitahu si mangsa risiko mendapat jangkitan HIV dan persetujuan untuk terima risiko itu. Tertuduh yang didiagnosis dengan virus pada 2006, mengaku faham mengenai jangkitan HIV dan risikonya menjangkiti kepada orang lain melalui aktiviti seksual.

Bulan lalu, seorang bekas jurutera berusia 27 tahun juga penghidap HIV dipenjara 18 bulan kerana mengadakan hubungan seks dengan mangsa yang sama pada Januari 2009. - Straits Times
- 5-2-2012 

3) Singapore HIV-positive dad who sees prostitutes gives blood for 20 years

SINGAPURA: The picture that is arising of the 57-year-old man who donated HIV-contaminated blood is one of a devout Buddhist who donated blood for more than 20 years to save lives, and urged others to do the same.

Therefore when The Straits Times visited his family yesterday, it came as a huge shock that he had lied to the authorities about visiting prostitutes and had consequently donated HIV-contaminated blood. Two of his four children only found out their father is HIV-positive when the man was hauled to court and sentenced to eight months in prison on Wednesday.

His wife knew since January last year, when he was arrested for falsely declaring that he had not visited prostitutes or had more than one sex partner in the past 12 months.

The man was caught after investigations were launched upon the discovery that the blood he donated on Nov 21, 2009, was HIV-positive. It was found he also donated blood between July 20, 2008 and Aug 21, 2009. However, these donations tested negative for HIV.

His son believes that his father was too ashamed to tell his family, but he would never have donated blood if he knew that he was sick. He described the man, who cannot be named because of a gag order, as a doting father and grandfather, who worked odd jobs as a forklift driver to support his family.

Although the man's marriage had fallen apart more than 10 years ago, he continued to live with his wife of 30 years. The marriage was fraught with conflict, with his parents barely communicating and the man often sleeping on the couch, but the couple chose not to divorce due to traditional values, his son said. 

The wife said she knew of his numerous female companions and outside trysts, but did not bother about it.

The family told Sraits Times that they will not abandon him and will continue to emotionally and financially support the man once he is released from jail. Neighbours describe the simple man who did not undergo any formal education as amiable and the family friendly.

Donovan Lo, executive director for Action for AIDS Singapore, said some donors may not take answering the health assessment form seriously as they may not be educated in the modes of HIV transmission - which includes blood, semen and vaginal secretions.

Hence they may not think their activities place them in the high-risk lifestyle category, and continue donating blood. According to Lo, late diagnoses among men over 50 years of age are getting more common, indicating a need to educate them on the dangers of AIDS.
- 08 Oct 2011

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4) "HIV-positive man works as chef. Is this safe?

SINGAPURA: A STOMPer says that he was shocked to read in The Straits Times yesterday (May 8) about a chef who is HIV-positive. In an MMS yesterday, he said: "I was puzzled and shocked when I read the newspaper."  The report in The Straits Times stated that chef Chan Mun Chiong, 43, is the first HIV-positive person in Singapore to be charged with having unprotected sex without informing his partner of his status. It said: "The Health Ministry has in the past investigated some cases, but no one has been prosecuted until yesterday."

The STOMPer said in his MMS that he is concerned and wonders if there is a risk of disease transmission during food preparation by people who are HIV-positive. "The man shown here is HIV-positive but he's able to work as a chef.  "What if he spreads his disease while preparing food?" he asked.  STOMP is contacting NEA for comments. - 09 May 2008 

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Stigma dan ketidakfahaman tentang HIV/AIDS beberapa tahun lalu.  Maybe saya juga akan memandang serong terhadap PLHIV sekiranya saya pada hari ini saya tiada HIV, sekiranya saya tidak mendapat atau disogokkan dengan info yang tepat berkaitan HIV/AIDS


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