Sunday, 7 April 2013


Seorang pembaca yang hanya mengenalkan dirinya sebagai MW telah bercerita mengenai pengalaman beliau yang hidup sebagai POZ (HIV Positive) di Amerika Syarikat didalam ruang komen didalam entri "TEMUDUGA SAYA DENGAN DOKTOR PADA 3 APRIL 2013" pastinya ada petua nasihat serta beberapa maklumat baru berkaitan tentang HIV yang boleh kita pelajari dari beliau.

Dear Naj Mi,

I found your blogs a couple of hours ago in one of my random Google search. Pardon me, on my responses in English. As you can imagine, my written & spoken commands in Bahasa Melayu (today) are not as fluent as I wanted to be since I left Malaysia more than 20 years ago. Though I can (still) read and understand the content of your blogs in Bahasa - so, that's a good thing :)

I want to sincerely congratulate on your efforts and time to let others become informed through your own native tongue. To say the least, I am simply quite impressed on the works that you have put into the blogs. The translation and keeping-up with the current information on HIV/AIDS are up-to-date and robust, and most importantly, written in a form that many folks (from all walks of life) can understand and relate. So, KUDOS TO YOU! KEEP-UP THE GOOD JOB!

As a background, I am a Malay-American, a gay male in my early 40's and have been POZ (HIV positive) for the past 7 years. I am not an intravenous drug user and contracted HIV through same-sex partners. 

I am currently on ATRIPLA (see: and have been "undetectable" within less than 30 days of taking my meds (that I only started taking 5 years ago, 2 years after I was diagnosed with HIV).

I am an active guy and also, a corporate executive who travels around the world (for my work), I am quite fortunate because I've never developed any HIV symptoms, unlike many folks and friends who are Poz. I suppose the best advice given by my Doctor (when I was first diagnosed) was to “take care of my body like a temple.”

I have since been doing many things in moderation while keeping a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and giving my body enough rests/sleeps every day; and importantly, minimizing the stress from work and personal life. 

Because I am not Moslem, nor am I religious by any standard, I have also incorporated Yoga & Pilates in my work-out routines. All, including weights, cardio exercises and being a non-smoker, have resulted in a lean and slender body mass and youthful appearance, the way I want to look for someone of my age.

Over this course, other than ATRIPLA, I do not take other HIV medications. Though, on a daily basis, I take multivitamin supplements; along with upping the in-take of calcium, magnesium and zinc. That's in addition to taking the salmon & flax seed oil on a rotational basis, every other day (salmon oil is for the skin; and flax seed oil for the heart). Knock on wood, because of my excellent health records and keeping-up with my numbers (and Doctor’s appointments), I only see her every 4 months.

"TRUVADA" Klik Disini

While ATRIPLA has been a great meds for the past 5 years, lately it does give me side effects. I have experienced terrible nightmares and vivid dreams to the point that I scream (so loud) and be suddenly awake from my deep sleep. Worst, I have been embarrassed in front my co-workers in those long haul flights (during my work travels around the world). Especially when the vivid dreams and screams have caused interrupted sleeping patterns. Too many times, I have also experienced severe mood swings, feeling depressed and become less patience about many things.

While I have been very careful and watching my health closely, the overall wellbeing and limiting on my alcohol consumptions, I suppose the problems that I’ve been having are “behavioral” issues than medical issues. Importantly, I believed that these have to do with other external factors in my life - including, the separation from my Life Partner last year, the stress at work, and challenges with my close family members who still reside in Malaysia.

I have shared these experiences with my Doctor and Psychologist. Because these have been an on-going issues for the past 6 months, one of the possibility that we are looking into is to switch my current meds to: STRIBLID (see: a new drug approved by FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) in the US last year.


While the medical system here in the US can be expensive and is much different than in Malaysia, I am grateful that I am gainfully employed with a wonderful job which provides with an excellent care, benefits and health insurance, even when I am abroad for work. All my blood works, routine exams, meds, surgeries, hospitalization, health and overall wellbeing are being taken care of.

In the United States, we do have a system that covers us, people who are living with HIV and AIDS. Even, if I were to become unemployed, disable (in the future), or no longer getting benefits from work insurance. This includes the Ryan White Foundation and contributions by the State and Federal Government.

Whatever it is, I think, I have found a platform to share on my experiences on POSITIVE LIVING with you and other folks who are reading this in Malaysia (and elsewhere, wherever you may be). As such, I will continue to write and provide on-going responses (and references) in the future, as long as you don’t mind that I write in English.


Salam jauh dari kami di Amerika Syarikat!



  1. Saya terfikir..adakah ubat yang plhiv guna dimalaysia..iaitu stocrin, bactrim, dan sebagainya sama standard dgn ubat yang mw ni ambil.

  2. MGDA

    Wallahuallam..saya pun tak pasti

  3. I took Atripla for nearly 6 years until I learned that the side effects are more likely to kill a patient than AIDS, an invented disease. I've also learned that "HIV causes AIDS" is a very unstable and unproven theory. The drugs are taken because it is believed that this theory is fact; it is not. I stopped taking Atripla over 1 1/2 years ago. I will not be killed by the drugs given by a doctor who believes carefully constructed lies.



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